Student Groups & Professional Societies

Rensselaer Chem-E-Car

RPI CHEME CarThe RPI ChemE Car team designs, tests, and optimizes a small-scale car powered and controlled by a chemical reaction. We are a part of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and provide the only design/build competition specifically relevant to ChemEs, although what we do is still relevant to other majors who should definitely join if interested! We offer plenty of opportunities to gain real engineering experience and for open-world hands on design, both of which we consider vital aspects of engineering education. 

AIChE Rensselaer Student Chapter

AlChE LogoThe American Institute of Chemical Engineers(AIChE) is a national organization with the mission to "promote excellence in the development and practice of chemical engineering." Its membership consists of five grades - Student, Affiliate, Associate, Member and Fellow, ranging from undergraduate students to professors, professional engineers to executive officers in major corporations

Chemical Engineering Honor Society (OXE)

OXE LogoOmega Chi Epsilon is the National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering. OXE has five objectives: Recognition, Investigation, Service, and Comradeship, all bound by Professionalism. Our motto, Ode Chrototos Eggegramai, means In this Society, professionalism is engraved in our minds.

What is Chemical Engineering and Why Be a Chemical Engineer?