Undergraduate Curriculum

The following flowchart describes the four-year curriculum required by all Chemical and Biological Engineering undergraduates:



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Flowchart Description:

Title: "CBE Flowchart for Undergraduate Curriculum"

  1. Senior Year / CAPSTONES
    1. ChBE Laboratories (ChME-4150/60/70)
    2. Chemical Process Design (ChME-4050)
  2. Junior Year, Sophomore Year / CORNERSTONES
    1. Chemical Reactor Design (ChME-4500)
    2. Separations Processes (ChME-4040)
    3. Advanced Chemistry
    4. Transport Phenomena (ChME-4010/20)
    5. Process Dynamics and Control (ChME-4030)
    6. Computation (ChME-2050)
    7. Thermodynamics (ChME-2020)
    8. Material and Energy Balances (ChME-2010)
  3. Freshman Year
    1. Basic Math
    2. Basic Sciences

What is Chemical Engineering and Why Be a Chemical Engineer?