Center for Computation Innovations (CCI)

Rensselaer Technology Park

Founded in 2007, Rensselaer's Center for Computational Innovations (CCI) is housed in a 22,000 square foot facility at the Rensselaer Technology Park. It includes a 4,500 square foot machine room, offices and space for industry visitors. The CCI operates heterogeneous supercomputing systems consisting of massively parallel IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer and Intel Xeon processor-based clusters. The computational power of the current hardware configuration is rated at over 1 PF peak. These systems are supported by over a petabyte of disk storage. The CCI has dedicated high-speed connections to the main campus with up to 32 fiber lines available for growth as well as a direct connection to the NYSERNet optical infrastructure and Internet2 that provides access to the national and international high-speed networks.

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