Two Chemical Engineering Experiments Join the International Space Station

Posted August 9, 2023
Image of International Space Station
Prof. Joel Plawsky is responsible for two experiments that were launched into space and successfully made it to the International Space Station on Friday, August 4. Experiments will begin running on August 28.

Prof. Plawsky has had a number of experiments conducted on the International Space Station, but the two most recent ones deal with heat. The first experiment will examine the movement of heat and liquid within a heat pipe. Heat pipes are used to cool critical microelectronic components like in your laptop, the Mars Rovers and satellites. The second will test and validate theories of boiling and condensation. The latter experiment provides critical information required to enhance the refueling operations of future spacecraft as they shuttle astronauts from the Moon’s surface to NASA’s Lunar Gateway. He’s even made the local news. The most recent news story comes from CBS6, which features an interview with Prof. Plawsky. 

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