Science and Art Collide

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engieering has teamed with the Art Department to create artistic, digital images that capture the essence of Chemical Engineering. Students from Kathleen Ruiz's Intermediate Digital Imaging course have created three unique canvases that will "come alive" to tell you a story. "These images represent cells merging together to form one. Each circle represents several objects that seem unrelated, but after viewing the animations you can see they all are made possible by chemical and biological engineering." The images can be found along the wall in Ricketts 211. In order to bring each piece to life, you will need to download the free LayAR app. This app can be found on both Android and Apple phones in the app stores. Once you've downloaded the app, simply hold your phone up to the canvas as though you were trying to take a picture. Be sure to have the entirety of the canvas (focus on only one canvas at a time!) and tap your screen. The images will begin to move and morph into one! Please stop by Ricketts 211 when you have a moment to take a look!