Patrick T. Underhill

Patrick T Underhill
Associate Professor
Contact Information
Office: Ricketts 121
Phone: 518-276-3032
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,2006
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Washington University, 2001
B.S. Physics, Washington University, 2001
Research Interests
Complex fluids, Coarse-grained simulations, Microfluidics, Biopolymers, Swimming microorganisms
Current Research
In our lab, we study materials called complex fluids, encompassing things as diverse as polymer solutions, colloidal suspensions, biomaterials and active materials. The term complex fluid includes everyday materials like paints, food, and plastics as well as biological systems like DNA, the interior of cells, and the extracellular matrix. A unifying theme among these systems is that microstructure influences the macroscopic behavior. We understand these materials and develop new applications through use of experimental, theoretical, and computational methods.