CBE Research at RPI is Fighting Against Global Warming

Dr. Miao Yu, the Priti and Mukesh Chatter ’82 Career Development Chair, and Dr. Patrick Underhill, Associate Professor, have been awarded a new, $3,000,000 grant from the US Department of Energy that will allow for low-cost capture of Carbon Dioxide as it is produced in power plants. The technology can be installed in new or retrofitted onto existing pulverized coal power plants. Dr. Yu's research involves developing a new transformational sorbent material for selectively capturing the CO2. Dr. Underhill will use molecular simulation to understand how the size and shape of the molecule and pores in the material affect the adsorption and separation of CO2 form the other components of the flue gas, and the sorbent will be used in a pressure swing absorption cycle that allows for the collection and recovery of pure Carbon Dioxide. The work is in collaboration with the University of South Carolina (USC), the Gas Technology Institute, Trimeric Corporation (Trimeric), and the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC). Testing of the new material will be conducted with simulated flue gas at the University of South Carolina, and testing with actual flue gas will be done at the National Carbon Capture Center.