Fall 2007 Seminar Series

August 29

Professor Bartosz Grybowski, Northwestern University

"Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Materials"

September 5

Professor Howard Stone, Harvard University

"Manipulating Thin-Film Flows: From Patterned Substrates to Evaporating Systems"

September 12

Dr. Costas Maranas, Penn State University

"Systems Engineering Challenges and Opportunities in Metabolic Networks"

October 10 & 11  > Vann Ness Lecture Series

Dr. Thomas M. Truskett, University of Texas at Austin

"Do Dynamics of Liquids Piggyback on Structure?"

October 17

Professor Suzanne Kresta, The University of Alberta

"What Do We Mean When We Say,ëWell Mixed?"

November 14

Professor Anand Asthagiri, California Institute of Technology

"Quantitative Variations in Molecular Networks and the Emergence of Multicellular Phenotypic Diversity"

December 5

Professor David Lynn, University of Wisconsin Madison

"Ultrathin Multilayered Assemblies for the Release of DNA From Surfaces"