Fall 2012 Seminar Series

Seminars are typically in Ricketts 211 at 9:30AM on Wednesdays.
Refreshments in RI 120 at 9:00 AM.

* Other locations, dates, times are noted with *

August 29

Prof. Keith Johnston, University of Texas-Austin

“Reversible Protein and Gold Nanoclusters from Nanoparticles: Colloid Science Fundamentals and Applications in Drug Delivery and Biomedical Imaging”

September 5

Prof. Harry Bermudez, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

“DNA-based Vehicles for Delivery of Functional Nucleic Acids and Proteins”

September 12

Prof. Arjun Yodh, University of Pennsylvania

"Colloids, Coffee Rings, & Phonons"

September 26

Prof. Chris Macosko, University of Minnesota

““Langmuir Monolayers of Graphene: Structure and Interfacial Rheology”

October 3

Prof. Juergen Hahn, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Title: TBA”

October 10

Student Seminars: Peng Xu (Dr. Koffas) & Manuel Rafael Jimenez Diaz (Dr. Collins)

“Title: TBA”

October 17

Van Ness Lectures: Prof. Kristala Prather, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Modularization of Metabolic Pathways to Facilitate Biological Synthesis”

October 18

Van Ness Lectures: Prof. Kristala Prather, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Teaching an Old Bacterium New Tricks”

* Thursday Seminar – CBIS Auditorium

October 24

Prof. Suljo Linic, University of Michigan

“Designing Efficient Heterogeneous (Photo)Catalysis by Controlling the Size, Shape, and Optical Properties of Metal Nanoparticles”

November 7

Prof. Gerry Fuller, Stanford University

“Interfacial Rheology of Biological Interfaces”

November 14

Student Seminars: Suhas Rao (Drs. Karande/Underhill) & Juan Borja (Dr. Plawsky)

“Titles: TBA”

November 28

Student Seminars: Nicholas Marchand (Dr. Collins) & Michael Riley (Dr. Plawsky)

“Titles: TBA”

December 5

Student Seminars, Yaser Bozorgi (Dr. Underhill) & Sandeep Chilukuri (Drs. Collins/Underhill)

“Titles: TBA”